The Mission of the Triad VegFest, an all volunteer managed cooperative group, is to promote a peaceful world where people do not exploit other sentient beings, be they animals or other humans; a world where we care for each other and for the environment. We will use the platform of the Triad VegFest to educate the public about the wide-ranging benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle, to support vegan entrepreneurs, as well as to show how various social and environmental justice issues coalesce and how they are all ultimately enhanced when expressed through a vegan paradigm shift.

We currently support grass roots causes which focus on health and wellness for the community from a natural standpoint.  WE are sponsored by Sow True Seed IN Asheville NC. Healing Springs Farmacy in Greensboro NC.  And Well Spring Healing in Winston Salem NC


Need to get in touch with us? triadvegfest@gmail.com