About Us

We are an all-volunteer cooperatively managed group of folks who believe in the benefits of advocating for veganism. We also understand that many other social justice issues intersect with our philosophy, therefore we want to encourage people involved in environmental, as well as social justice groups to consider participating in this annual event.


The Triad VegFest is an activity put on by the Triad Vegan Society. The Triad Vegan Society evolved out of the Circles of Compassion/Triad Vegan Society Meetup Group.
To become involved in our community please checkout our Triad Vegan Society Facebook Group or our Circle of Compassion/Triad Vegan Society Meetup Group.

Triad VegFest Board Of Directors & Steering Committee:
Maria Taylor (Committee Chair)
Will Taylor (Treasurer)
Judy Glazier (Associate Committee Chair)